Nucleic Acid Extration Kit

The kit is composed of reagents for nucleic acid extraction (magnetic beads method), suitable for extracting genomic nucleic acid DNA and RNA of bacteria, viruses and parasites from samples. It is designed for 96-well plate automatic platforms to help dramatically improve the throughput of sample extraction.

Technical Parameters

For the extraction of nucleic acid(DNA/RNA) to be used in PCR, NGS etc.
9 min for extraction of 32 samples
One washing step, less loss of nucleic acid, more yield
Stable performance and reliable quality, laying a reliable foundation for the subsequent molecular experiment.

  • Sample type:serum, plasma, nasopharyngeal swab, cell preservation solution, tissue fluid, urine and secretions.
  • Sample volume:up to 200 uL of sample
  • Recovery rate:≥90%
  • Storage and validity:1. store for 12 months at 2~8℃ protecting from light and moisture.
  • 2. store for 60 days at room temperature once opened.