Mic qPCR Cycler

The Mic is the world’s first magnetic induction qPCR thermal cycler. Made by the same engineers as the Rotor-Gene® Q, the Mic uses a patented magnetic induction technology to heat your samples and fan forced air to cool them. This means fast qPCR results through rapid heating and cooling with 35 cycles possible in under 25 minutes! To achieve this level of quantification precision, the Mic real-time cycler incorporates a unique aluminum rotor that rotates each sample through the same detectors – giving you unsurpassed reproducibility and no fluorescence variability! Both the optical system and thermal sensors are fixed leaving the rotor as the only moving component in the unit – saving you up to $7,000 in annual calibration service fees. On top of the quality performance, the Mic’s modern personal design takes up less space on the bench and connects directly to your PC via Bluetooth which makes it the most compact and portable qPCR machine in the market!
Includes 4-Channel Mic qPCR machine with high resolution melting software, tube clamp, Bluetooth antenna, capping tool, tubes and caps – box 960, power adapter (100-240V), USB cable, USB key with software manual, calibration certificate, quick start guide, safety information sheet and power cable.

Technical Parameters

4-Channel with HRM
1 Thermal Cycler/Unit
Brand: Bio Molecular Systems

  • Helps fight COVID-19 by making the process of diagnostics easier, faster and more accessible for all
  • Reduces time to receive a diagnosis from days to hours through decentralized testing
  • Detects common dyes in diagnostic kits including FAM, CF610, HEX and Quasar 670 fluorophores
  • Can be powered by battery and inverter systems, allowing qPCR analysis to the most remote regions in the world
  • Measuring less than 6in wide and weighing 5lbs, the Mic can easily be stored anywhere
  • Built-in data storage and recovery will keep your data safe even if the PCR is disconnected
  • Each sample rotates through the same optic and thermal sensors - providing unmatched reproducibility between runs
  • Uses Mic tubes and caps (Cat #: 71-107 and 71-107C)

Brand: Bio Molecular System
Color: Red
Channels: 4-Channel
High Resolution Melt Software: yes
Electrical: 100-240 VAC. 50/60Hz
Temperature Accuracy: +/- .25OºC
Temperature Uniformity: +/- 0.05ºC
Ramp Rates: Heating 4ºC/s and Cooling 3ºC/s
Detectors: Photodiode per channel
Excitation Sources: High Energy Led per Channel
Samples per Instrument: 48
Reaction Tube: 5 - 30µl
Recommend Reagents: Probe Mix, Separate-ROX
Dimensions (WxDxH): 150 x 150 x 130mm