Security Door installation and requirements

An analysis of metal fabrication structures of Australian standard security doors systems and their performance during national standard tests.


This paper analyses typical metal fabrication techniques associated with the production of security doors systems. By comparing the manufacturing standards of the 5 most popular brands we find there are significant differences between the products in terms of their durability, and whether they are fit for purpose. Results find that the Alu-gard and Invisi-gard products provide best value for money in the crowded market place.


Australian Standard AS 5039-2003 relates to Security screen doors and security window grille. This standard calls up AS 5041-2003 Methods of Test which looks at a knife shear test, a lock and hinge lever test, a salt spray test and a dynamic impact test.

Each of these tests were conducted for the following branded products and scored using a 10 point scale from 0 (complete failure) to 10 (highest pass mark)

Westral – Crimsafe

The crimsafe brand has been supplying high grade stainless steel mesh security door systems in Australia for years and is considered the industry leader. Manufactured by Westral a West Australian company in Perth, they have an excellent product and due to their early promotion, they have captured over 50% market share with high brand recognition.  Their products passed all tests.

Alspec – Invisi-gard or Alu-gard

Alspec is the second largest manufacturer in the country. Invisi-gard is their stainless steel mesh door system which competes directly with the product above. Alu-gard is their aluminium perforated sheet system which is at a lower price point and offers similar structural strength but at a lower aesthetic value.  They have a large market share in Australia and KNA Doors supplies and installs most of their security doors systems in Perth.

Amplimesh – information only available to subscribers

Clearshield – information only available to subscribers

Supascreen – information only available to subscribers

Note this is an extract only. To download the full report with extended analysis of the stress tests of these security door systems, contact us directly via the details on the contact page.

Security doors installed and supplied by KNA Doors Perth, Western Australia

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